On Yule

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December, the end of the year, is often a month packed with last-minute projects, personal traditions, parties, and people. For some, it’s a month of celebrations, and for some extroverts–a month of recharging with friends and family members’ energies ricocheting as we gather. For many others, it can be simply exhausting.

This month, I’d like to take a look at Yuletide traditions and how we can get the most mileage out of the last squeeze of activity in the year, rather than feeling completely drained only to enter the new year.

Our stone of the month is Larimar. Why? Mainly because of its properties as a calming and soothing stone. It’s great for communication as well since it’s connected to the Throat Chakra. But in addition to its tranquil properties, it is also the stone of two elements: water and fire.

Water and fire, you say? But aren’t those opposite elements? Well, yes, frankly and obviously so. Then, shouldn’t those conflict? Not necessarily.

Water and—subsequently ice—is an integral element of winter. Everything is in hibernation. Everything is frozen. The temperatures are down. Trees are leafless and lifeless. We get foggy mornings and frozen dew. Personally, I love it. I love the cold temperature. It certainly is a nice break in the deep south. But I like it knowing that I can dip inside, either at my home or elsewhere, and get a break by basking in the heat. The opposite can be said for the summer.

We can appreciate the elements—even more—when their counterparts are offered to us. Opposites attract. Without the dark, you can’t see the light. There are a thousand adages humankind has made up over the millennia because they ring true. It’s the comparison—the relativity—that really sinks into our innermost understanding of the thing—that sinks into our spirits.

It’s no wonder that the burning of the Yule log is one of the most traditional and universal holiday rites. The symbolism is there. The feeling is there. It invites others to join us as we soak in the fire and heat and appreciation that yes, we can join in community and share a lived experience just for the enjoyment of the heat and of the ritual. The enjoyment of settling down for a second, amidst all the cold winds of change and even more promised change on the new year, and reflect as we gaze into dancing flames.

Imagine your own Yule log burning. Are there people around you? Who would you like to invite? Are you alone? Is this a meditative moment? Fire is a powerful cleanser. Are you manifesting what you want for the next year or simply–existing quietly in the space? The fire, alive and acting as your outward expression of energy, moving and swaying and reaching–is it leaving a quiet space of calm where it left you from within?

If you’ve invited others to your hearth, your oasis, what do you want to ask them or communicate about? With the elements of fire and ice around us, now is the perfect time to activate your energy in your Throat Chakra, find your inner peace, and focus on communication, pleasant or otherwise. This tranquility and oneness with the elements is also an encouragement from the goddesses’ energies that, yes, it’s okay to lean into those heartfelt conversations, too. And if communicating with words is difficult, communicating with your actions can be an alternative. There are a lot of holiday and yule traditions that can be shared and can stand in for when words fail, but a connection is desired. One of my favorites is “decking the halls.”

Decking the halls with ivy, and mistletoe, holly (which symbolizes hope), and other evergreens can not only weave an eye-catching woodland wonderland in your home, but it can also load up your home with the positivity and protective energies from the foliages. We especially need this energy as the shortest day of the year (Yule, December 21st) is upon us. Let that energy spring you into the next year, and let it stoke that fire of inner calm as we head there.

And whether that energy takes you towards others or closer to yourself, we here at Margo wish you healing, positivity, and strength for your inner voice as we all bundle up against the cold and share our fires.

Yours in good spirit,