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On Halloween

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Halloween, also known as Samhain (pronounced “Sow-in”), is one of our most important holidays, and it’s right around the corner! This year, Halloween falls during an Aries moon. I will be talking about what that means for the upcoming month and covering that in the context of the traditions and spirituality belonging to Halloween.

Halloween is when the barriers between worlds are the thinnest, which makes it a great time for divination. If you’ve wanted to contact loved ones on the other side (in the afterlife), deities, or spirits, this is the time to do it. Specifically, this October’s Aries moon is asking us to focus on ourselves, our purpose, and our soul’s journey. We should fight for our ideals and our dreams. 

Our dreams. Let’s focus on that part since the veil is getting thin. Laying a ceremonial fire, or casting a bonfire, is one of the more traditional ways to open a divination ritual. A great way to manifest and empower your dreams is to write your dream or aspiration on the back of a Bay leaf and cast it into the flame. Add Sage and black Sage to the fire beforehand, along with other herbs and essential oils, depending on your manifestation focus. My suggestion is to add Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, and Orange essential oils to protect your dream and keep the flame of your desires lit. Dreams and goals can be highly personal, but they can also be shared. If you’re performing a ritual with a friend or sister or even a stranger, voicing and articulating your dream aloud can make it even more physical, even more tangible. There is power in rhetoric, in speech, and we, as humans, are lucky enough to wield it! 

Ask yourselves this question this Halloween. What do you really want? There’s no right answer, but pay attention to what your gut feeling, what your soul, wants to say. 

If you’re more of a physical being and like to feel the earth under your feet, then Yoga Sun poses are the way to go this Halloween (under Aries). Wake up with a Sun Salutation and hold your warrior poses. We have a lovely book, Magick From The Mat by Casey Giovinco, highlighting all the ways yoga can inspire your witchcraft and manifestations. 

This is also the perfect time of year to take a step back from your relationships to view them from an “outsider’s” perspective since our spiritual sides will be in full bloom. Since we’re closer to “the other side” during Halloween, it’s a prime opportunity to consult oracle cards, animal medicine cards, or the Tarot. With the combination of Aries moon and Halloween, a tarot reading can be very telling when focusing on these aspects: your relationships, your deceased loved ones, your soul’s purpose, your motivation, and where to direct that motivations to best accomplish your goals and dreams (have you picked up on a theme, here?).

Halloween is all about embracing yourself, your power, the power of your dreams, and it’s a season of discovery. If you’d like help, we offer in-house Tarot card readings! We’d love to be part of your path and journey. And further, the store offers deity statues and, of course, stones to help with your journey. Now is a great time to pick up some selenite for cleansing, labradorite, and amethyst (which enhances your third eye chakra).

Whether you’re aligning with your soul’s purpose or are just starting to discover your dreams, we wish you a motivational and edifying journey.

Yours in good spirit,