On Spring Cleansing

Spring is the perfect time to do some cleaning and… cleansing.  The Spring Equinox has come, signaling a time of new birth, refreshment, and feminine spirit. Spring is the ultimate season of growth, of blossoming hope. This is why it’s perfect for cleansing. We don’t always have to cleanse “the bad away.” Cleansing doesn’t always have to be in response …


On Herbs

I love herbs for not only their holistic and healing aspects but also for how comforting they are.


On Yule

Our stone of the month is Larimar. Why? Mainly because of its properties as a calming and soothing stone.

Sound healing

On Sound Healing

Sound healing falls under the canopy of music therapy, which itself includes a broad spectrum of music-based techniques of therapy that covers healing the psychology and physiological and emotional aspects of the whole human being.

Witch Hat on a Mushroom

On Halloween

Halloween, also known as Samhain (pronounced “Sow-in”), is one of our most important holidays, and it’s right around the corner! This year, Halloween falls during an Aries moon. I will be talking about what that means for the upcoming month and covering that in the context of the traditions and spirituality belonging to Halloween. Halloween is when the barriers between …

Margo Metaphysical

“On Learning. About us”

This post marks the official start of our Margo Metaphysical blog. We’re beginning with crystals that are good for learning.