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August is a significant month astrologically. The effects of the Aquarius full moon on August 11 were just the beginning of this super transformative period! The full moon helped us release old patterns and behaviors that don’t serve us anymore to make space for positive new beginnings. Then, on August 20, Mars will move into the sign Gemini causing a lot of excitement, forward movement, and a strong influence to communicate more. It’s going to be in Gemini for the rest of the year! Then lastly, on August 23, the sun will transition from the bold and playful energy of Leo into the more logical and organized sign of Virgo! Expect the rest of August to bring a lot of clarity over where you should be putting your energy, and it will help you refocus your goals! This is also the intention of the new moon on August 27! It’s a time for new beginnings and clearing out mental clutter to see your passions and goals clearly!

Moving into September, things may feel a little tense because we’re approaching Mercury retrograde. On September 9, Mercury goes into retrograde in the sign Libra! Technology may start acting weird and glitching at times, and retrogrades are prone to miscommunication as well. The energy surrounding this retrograde is indecisiveness, and it will be important not to jump too quickly on new opportunities that may sound too good to be true because they probably are! (The retrograde rule of thumb is don’t sign new contracts and don’t text your ex!)