On Spring Cleansing

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Spring is the perfect time to do some cleaning and… cleansing. 

The Spring Equinox has come, signaling a time of new birth, refreshment, and feminine spirit. Spring is the ultimate season of growth, of blossoming hope. This is why it’s perfect for cleansing.

We don’t always have to cleanse “the bad away.” Cleansing doesn’t always have to be in response to negative energy or a bad event coming to pass. Sometimes, we just need to cleanse to kick out the old and bring in the new. Sometimes we’re passing and moving from one state of being–maybe even a healthy or positive state–to the next step. Change doesn’t happen easily or on its own. You must initiate it! To facilitate change to grow and learn and reach the goals and aspirations you’ve set for yourself. 

You can cleanse your space and home traditionally with sage or incense, but you can do a deep spiritual cleanse with guided meditation. We recommend meditating and focusing on your heart chakra and even doing a bit of yoga. The best option would be to do this outside, letting the spring air fill you up as you manifest what you’d like to change for yourself. Are they little changes? Big changes? Do you want to continue in the direction you’re headed, or should you open yourself up to the winds of change to lead you to new and different experiences?

Practicing mindfulness while you reset can help you gain a lot of insight as to what your priorities are. Burn some sage and sip on a lavender blend tea while you take a break from any self-exploration and any literal cleaning. 

You can lay some malachite on your altar if you have one or wear some on your person during this time of thought and self-encouragement. Malachite is like Moldavite’s gentler cousin. Where Moldavite spurs necessary growth and change, Malachite coaxes it along gently. If you visit Margo in person, you may see our great collection of Malachite for yourself. It’s no secret that this vivid green, gorgeous stone is a favorite of ours! 

Cleansing can also help you renew your passions and look at your relationships differently. Mother Earth is very nurturing at this time of year, so let that safe, nurturing spirit direct you to safe spaces and relationships you have created for yourself. Invite others to join you in your cleansing. You never know who might want to join you on your journey of self-love and growth until you reach your hand out to them!

At Margo, we want your spring cleanse to end in a spiritual transformation that will rejuvenate you through the rest of the year. So here we are, reaching our hand out for a shared journey together.

Yours in good spirit,