Tarot Oracle

Whether you're new to divination or an expert, at Margo Metaphysical, we have dozens of beautiful tarot and oracle card decks from which to choose. We also have inspirational, spell, wisdom, thought for the day card decks.

While the popular belief is that tarot cards can predict the future, a better way to understand it is they help you connect with your intuitive subconscious mind—or higher self—and help you make changes in your life that put you on the path to your goals and dreams.

Most tarot decks contain 78 cards, broken into two sections, the Major and Minor Arcana. The Major relate to major and life pivoting events, while the Minor symbolize everyday challenges.

Oracle cards are less structured and don't have a set number of cards in a deck. Each deck is different because the content depends on the author. They're often considered easier for beginners because there are usually less cards and fewer meanings to memorize. Neither tarot or oracle cards are better than the other, and they can even be used together. Picking what's right for you depends on what you want to gain from your readings and how much time you want to spend.